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There's no difference between our cars and those of other lease companies. It is our people that make the difference. You will always experience their care; everywhere. As a driver you will be helped by highly qualified people, instead of a call centre. As a fleet manager you will have a flexible partner to support you. We deliver Care: with less complexity and more savings. 24/7, every day!

same cars, better care


Sun 25 Sep

AutoBinck appoints Vincent Peeters as Chief Executive Officer of Business Lease Group

After leading Business Lease Group as CEO for over 11 years, Harm Nijlunsing has decided to step down as of 1st October 2016. Initially he will start travelling and thereafter he will focus on supervisory board memberships and advising companies. Read more

Mon 8 Aug

AutoBinck 2016 Smart Mobility winner

AutoBinck Smart Mobility BV was declared the 2016 Smart Mobility industry winner by the National Business Success Award Institute. According to the Nomination Committee, it has evolved into a leading organisation with a strong market position. ‘AutoBinck Smart Mobility successfully combines its extensive expert knowledge with an innovative approach. It is very innovative in the field of mobility.’ Read more

Tue 12 Jul

AutoBinck Group acquires Radiuz

The acquisition of Radiuz, a leading and innovative mobility services integrator, marks a step forward in the development of AutoBinck’s Smart Mobility division. The Radiuz activities fit in very well with those of the other AutoBinck Group companies and subsidiaries. Read more

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